9. The First Date

Stoney and Gloria dancefloor Midnight ReflectionsGloria left Mr. Stoneyheart’s home and returned to her apartment, falling into a deep sleep after such her tumultuous day. She woke up the next morning much lighter of heart than she had felt for a long time. Clearly, meeting Mr. Stoneyheart had helped her distance herself from the pain of the past couple of months and the breakup with her boyfriend.

Mr. Stoneyheart, too, was feeling unusually cheerful. Always an energetic person, there was an added jauntiness to his step as he went off to work that day. He had enjoyed his time with Gloria and decided that he would like to continue seeing her, so he sent her a notecard asking her to go dancing with him later that evening. Gloria replied that she would love to and they both spent the next few hours in happy anticipation of the evening to come.

Stoney and Gloria dancing at the fallsAfter work Mr. Stoneyheart went home and changed, then TP’d to Midnight Reflections, a beautiful sim for a date. He IM’d Gloria at the appointed time and then TP’d her over. They began their evening at the main dance floor but after a while they moved out of that area, walking along the pathways until they came to a more private place. They began to dance again, but this time without the distraction of other avatars and their noisy chat.  Only the sound of the waterfall and the music could be heard as they danced and occasionally chatted, but much of the time they spent in silence, delighting in the comfort of each other’s presence.

As the sun began to rise they wandered on, strolling through the sim and enjoying the scenery. They began ascending one of the hills, stopping part way to look out over the water. Gloria, feeling relaxed and contented, spontaneously hugged Mr. Stoneyheart.

Stoney and Gloria huggingContinuing on they came to the top of the hill where there was a bench placed for avatars to rest after the steep climb. They sat there together and Mr.  Stoneyheart, who perhaps surprisingly had a love of poetry, quoted the words of WB Yeats to Gloria, whispering softly

Stoney and Gloria sitting on benchO CLOUD-PALE eyelids, dream-dimmed eyes,

The poets labouring all their days

To build a perfect beauty in rhyme

Are overthrown by a woman’s gaze

And by the unlabouring brood of the skies:

And therefore my heart will bow, when dew

Is dropping sleep, until God burn time,

Before the unlabouring stars and you.


2 responses to “9. The First Date

  1. dana moonstone

    I’ve always tried to separate SL from RL but recently I realized that it’s not really possible. It’s a human being behind the avatar, who has emotions. So, if you want to stay drama-free, you stay away from relationships. BUt then it wouldnt be fun, aint it? Just like the girl in this story, I had my heart broken liek a few weeks ago but then time is faster in SL, now ive found another “love” who i can hang out and enjoy my Second Life with and this time, no promises. Just taking each day one at a time

  2. Hi dana, I think most people entering SL are unaware of how intense it can be and as you said I don’t think it is possible to totally separate SL and RL. We each have to learn how to deal with it and that can be painful. Hopefully the painful times are few and far between. Thanks very much for your comment, enjoy SL!

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