8. Old Bert’s Day Off

Bert_at_work_testing_the_beerOld Bert quickly settled into his new routine, going off to work, playing trivia and continuing to explore the metaverse.

At the end of one workday (and a very jolly workday it had been since it involved testing beer!) Old Bert decided to take a peek at the Nation of Victoriana, a sim he had found while checking profiles.  He enjoyed thematic sims, so he was very much looking forward to this little outing.

Bert and the huntThe Nation of Victoriana is a collection of sims created in the style of the Victorian period. It is a beautifully built place, done with great attention to detail by the owner and mayor, LittleBlackDuck Lindsay.  Old Bert tp’d to Victoriana Square, the heart of the sims, arriving at the train station. Bert sees gallery for the first timeFacing the station and right in the center of the square was a large community hall. Surrounding the square were shops, galleries and a pub. After everything had rezzed Old Bert began to stroll around.  As he got to the far side of the square he came across the start of a fox hunt, one of the monthly events held in the sim. It was a colourful scene; Old Bert made sure to stand off to the side so as not to be trampled as the hunt began.  He happened to be next to an art gallery and since he was something of an aficionado he entered and had a look around, admiring the many fine artworks on display.  Finding himself to be rather tired after his full day at work (!)  Old Bert decided to return home and explore Victoriana more thoroughly another time.

On his next day off, Old Bert returned to Victoriana. Being a person drawn to the sea, he started off at Victoriana Harbour.Bert at the harbour

Next he went to Victoriana Carnivale, a great funfair. There were lots of games and rides for him to try – he  played the coconut shy,  tried the SLeeBall  at which he scored 220, not bad for a first try, took a turn on the Big Wheel and went for a ride on the carrousel. He felt a bit dizzy after that and decided it was time to continue on, so he walked through Victoriana Forest and came to the entrance of the big maze at Victoriana Hedgemaze. Bert at carrousel Old Bert spent quite a bit of time trying to find his way around and at the end felt a bit tired and hungry. As he emerged from the maze he noticed a pretty young woman tending the flowers next to a building, which fortuitously turned out to be a tea room.  Bert outside tea shopOld Bert asked her if the tea room was open and was happy to hear that it was. He went inside and chose from the delectable array of food on display which the young woman brought to him along with a reviving cup of tea. Much fortified, Old Bert then continued on to Victoriana Square and the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery which he had visited the day he had seen the hunt.Bert inside teashop

As Old Bert approached the gallery he noticed a sign in the window saying “Help Wanted”.  This gave Old Bert pause. He had enjoyed his time in the gallery and was quite familiar with the art on display.  While he liked the work he was currently doing he found it to be physically tiring. Walking into the gallery Old Bert began to wonder “What if I applied for this job?”Bert applies for job




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