3. Merciless0413 Stoneyheart

Stoneyheart at used carsWho was Merciless0413 Stoneyheart, Old Bert’s landlord? A man of prodigious energy, Mr. Stoneyheart, known as Stoney to his friends, believed in hard work and even harder play.  Mr. Stoneyheart was something of an SL baron, with a finger in many different pies.  He was the owner of the Used Car lot that Old Bert had discovered on his perambulations about the neighbourhood. Stoneyheart outside pawn shopHe also owned a string of Pawn Shops, and of course was into real estate and construction. Stoneyheart with workersMr. Stoneyheart could be a very tough taskmaster, but he realized the importance of maintaining good relations with his workers, so he could often be seen visiting job sites and swapping tales of adventures and conquests with his men. Sharp-witted, Mr. Stoneyheart had accrued considerable wealth, which he did not hesitate to enjoy.

At the end of the day Mr. Stoneyheart could be found frequenting some of Second Life’s finer establishments, such as Bogart’s, where he could always be sure of finding a table and a warm welcome.  Stoneyheart at Bogarts (not smarmy)However, these were not the only clubs to know Mr. Stoneyheart’s patronage.  After enjoying an evening meal at Bogart’s he would then go on to some of Second Life’s other  entertainment venues, such as the Phoenix Burlesque Club in Soho.  Stoneyheart entering the PhoenixThere he would while away the hours with the dancers and other customers…Stoneheart at Phoenix edited…..stumbling out of the club in the wee hours of the morning  ….Stoneyheart leaving Phoenix….to return to his palatial home and collapse for a few hours before rising to begin the whole process again.Stoneyheart in chair


My thanks to Boye Jervil for allowing me to use the picture of Mr. Stoneyheart at Bogart’s.

Picture of Mr. Stoneyheart and his workers was photographed at Art Box.


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