4. Going on a Cruise

One day Gloria received a notecard  from Mr. Stoneyheart saying “I have found a wonderful sim, let’s cruise away from the rest of the world this weekend. XXX” Gloria was thrilled  by this proposal and IM’d him back saying she would love to go. After a little shopping for some cruisewear she was all set, and she spent the rest of her time eagerly awaiting the weekend to come.

Saturday finally dawned, and Gloria received a tp from Mr. Stoneyheart inviting her to the private suite he had taken for the weekend. She rezzed inside the luxurious apartment where she was welcomed by Mr. Stoneyheart.

“Mercy, what a beautiful place this is!”

“Yes, this is a huge ship, the SS Galaxy, covering 3 sims, if you can believe it. We’ll have a great time exploring all there is to do, but first come have a look at the suite and have a drink.”

Mr. Stoneyheart showed Gloria the two floor guest suite he had taken, complete with tv, private dining room and hot tub. They went outside and sat down for a snack on the private veranda, basking in the warm sunshine and catching up with all that had happened over the past little while.

Gloria started off, telling Mr. Stoneyheart about the work she had been doing. “I’ve been really busy lately, all the merchants are putting out their Christmas stock, so I’ve been run off my feet modelling Christmas outfits. I think if I see another Mrs. Santa, Santa Baby or Christmas elf outfit I will scream, lol. “ She continued “Of course it’s great to have so much work, but I really am thinking about getting out of modelling and starting my own line of clothing. What do you think?”

Mr. Stoneyheart replied “I know you’d like to get into that business, but I’d have to see some of your designs and a business plan. Maybe in the New Year we can have a serious look at this.” Gloria was pleased to hear this, knowing that he was not one to leap into things or just tell her he thought it was great because they were seeing each other. She asked how things were going with him.

“Well, I have been keeping an eye on my investments in the Victoriana sims. I recently met with Miss Merriweather, the manager of my gallery there, and so far so good. She told me that another gallery had opened nearby, the Tissot Gallery, so I went to see it and meet the owner. I think I’ll have to keep an eye on that place, could be competition.”

After a little more conversation they decided to go for a swim. As with the rest of the ship the swimming pool area was beautifully done. Gloria and Mr. Stoneyheart took turns on the slide and the diving board, and then afterwards floated in the pool, lazing the day away. They went to the bar and had a couple of drinks before deciding to change and go dancing before dinner.

Mr. Stoneyheart and Gloria danced for a while at the poolside dancefloor before going to a nearby observation deck to watch the sun set. They stood next to each other, not saying anything, being quiet and comfortable in each other’s company. At one point Mr. Stoneyheart turned towards Gloria as if about to say something, but before he could he received an IM from Miss O’Riley, the Tissot Gallery owner, asking him for some advice. The mood was broken and he moved away from Gloria, excusing himself to answer the IM. Poor Gloria was a bit taken aback, especially when he said to her “I’m sorry, I have to go, urgent business I’m afraid.”  Gloria was devastated but didn’t say so, instead answering “Oh, that’s a shame but these things happen. We can have dinner a little later.”

Mr. Stoneyheart responded “I’m not sure how long this will take, you go ahead and order dinner and don’t wait up.”  And with that he was off.

Gloria returned to the cabin, disconsolate. Not feeling like eating she sat on the veranda, thinking back to how happy she had been there just a few hours ago.

Meanwhile Mr. Stoneyheart made arrangements to meet Miss O’Riley at the CP Pegasus Zeppelin, where he had booked a suite. He tp’d her over, first showing her around the airship, then sitting down for dinner in his private room. Miss O’Riley was quite overcome by it all as she had never travelled in such circles before. She and Mr. Stoneyheart enjoyed their dinner together, where he gave her advice and listened to her questions and comments with a great deal of attention. Miss O’Riley was dazzled.

While all this was happening, Gloria waited, watching the sun sink down into the ocean and the stars come out in the pitch black sky. When it seemed likely that Mr. Stoneyheart wasn’t coming back, Gloria tp’d home and went to bed, where she spent a lonely and restless night, wondering what was going on.


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