2. Old Bert and Daisy

Old Bert kept in contact with Daisy, im’ing her and chatting. He found that they had similar tastes and lots to talk about, so feeling encouraged by this he decided to ask her to go dancing, as she had said it was something she particularly enjoyed but didn’t often have the opportunity to do.  

Before dancing Old Bert took Daisy on a balloon tour of the Victoriana sims. This helped to serve as an ice breaker; the tour was a leisurely one allowing them to work off the first date jitters watching the scenery pass by and commenting on whatever struck their fancy. 

 After this they went to the Angel Ballroom sim. They had a lovely time, starting off in the ballroom then exploring the surrounding area where they found a ship anchored nearby, much to Old Bert’s delight, so they ended the evening dancing on the deck.  The time passed quickly and they made arrangements to meet up on another day and go skating.

A few days later they got together again at a winter sim, lacing on their skates and going round and round the frozen pond. Next they made snow angels, laughing at the sight they made lying out in the snow.

Quite tired by this time they headed over to a little campfire thoughfully provided by the sim owner, where they sat quietly next to each other, relaxing and thinking over the past few days.

Old Bert was remembering how unhappy he had been, without a home, a job or friends. True, his home was very humble, but he now worked in the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery, surrounded by art works he loved, he had friends in the 1920’s Berlin Project, the Nation of Victoriana and Cafe Trivia, and he had met Daisy, who shared his interests and seemed to take pleasure in his company, as he did in hers. Daisy, for her part, reflected upon what a kind and gentle person Old Bert was. Absorbed in their thoughts, the two of them remained cosily seated next to each other, oblivious to the passage of time or the presence of others in the sim.


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