0. Old Bert Applies for a New Job

Old Bert entered the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery with some trepidation.  Perhaps he was over-reaching, would he be accepted in such a fine place? The Nation of Victoriana was well designed and maintained, with an air of a quiet prosperity about it.  He could not imagine anyone in this sim having the remotest acquaintance with the kind of habitation he called home.  However, before he could leave the gallery a woman who appeared to work there approached him saying “Welcome to the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery. I hope you enjoy your visit, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Old Bert, somewhat abashed, mumbled his thanks and, pretending to be a visitor, began to look around.  Miss Merriweather, as that was the woman’s name, was the gallery manager. She recognized Old Bert’s keen interest and they began to chat. Old Bert was really quite knowledgeable about the Pre-Raphaelites and the time soon passed as they discussed the artworks and then moved on to other subjects.

Finally Old Bert said “Thank you Miss Merriweather, I cannot express how much I have enjoyed talking with you, but I must be going.” Miss Merriweather replied “Thank you very much, Old Bert, we rarely have anyone come in here with such a knowledge and love of the Pre-Raphaelites.  I hope you will come back soon.”

Emboldened by this Old Bert said “Miss Merriweather, I actually came to the gallery today to apply for the position you have advertised. Would it be possible for me to leave a copy of my c.v. with you? I am extremely interested in working here.”

Miss Merriweather responded “Yes Old Bert, I think that is an excellent idea. Please leave that with me as well as some references.  I will have to discuss this with the owner as he has the final say, but I am sure you would fit in here very well. I will be in touch in a few days.” With that Old Bert left Victoriana and returned home, anxious but hopeful.

A little while later Old Bert received a notecard from Miss Merriweather saying “Congratulations, Old Bert, your application has been accepted.  Please come to the gallery as soon as possible.” Old Bert was overjoyed.


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