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SL14B – Wonderous and Spellbound

sl14b wonderous_009

Entrance into the Hof

Today I will take a quick look at the Wonderous and Spellbound regions.

sl14b wonderous_037

Exterior of the Hof

sl14b wonderous_027

Courtyard of the Hof, where socializing takes place

One of the largest parcels in the Wonderous region belongs to Jo Yardley, creator of the 1920s Berlin sim. 1920s Berlin is a highly detailed and extremely evocative sim that has been around for quite a few years now and has a very highly developed community of its own. My little friend Old Bert lived there for a while. After having lost his home he found a welcoming little corner in 1920s Berlin and who knows, he may still be there, living quietly and comfortably. At SL14B Jo Yardley’s plot is called “Carnival in the Hof”.  The “Hof” is a “Hinterhof”, a little neighbourhood that is made up of a courtyard surrounded by large apartment buildings with small apartments filled with large families.

sl14b wonderous_021

Interior of the smallest apartment, looking down on the courtyard

sl14b wonderous_026

View of courtyard from the apartment

Tenants of these buildings would use the central courtyard for parties, dances and get togethers, which ties in with the Carnivalesque theme of SL14B. You can wander into 3 of these apartments and get a look at the day to day life of people living in these Hofs, as well as participate in some of the activities that took place in the courtyard. To read more about this, you can find an entry by Jo Yardley in the 1920s Berlin blog by clicking here.


sl14b wonderous_004

Elsewhere I found the “Spanish with Eugenia” area. Eugenia Calderon began teaching Spanish in SL in 2008.

sl14b wonderous_005

And on a completely different note, I also passed by the “Global Online Hockey Association”. Established in 2006, they are in their 22nd competitive season. You can read a bit about them here.

sl14b electrify_118

Masked woman greeter at “Carnivale Fashion hrough the Ages

Now, on to Spellbound. One of the first areas I explored was “Carnivale Fashion Through the Ages”. A spiral staircase carries the visitor up past several rooms in which you can see and sometimes interact with figures dressed in outfits that might be seen at the Carnival. There were some historical figures,

sl14b electrify_121such as Elizabeth I and the Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi), figures from far away places and at the very top a bride, who can only be described as a bridezilla! This is a fun and educational exhibit, but be careful of the bride!

sl14b electrify_116


On to “The Venitian Gallery of Masks by Shayla Sideways”.

sl14b spellbound_009A baroque building contains a display of Venetian Carnival masks, beautifully detailed and presented.

sl14b spellbound_016You can learn a bit about the different types of masks worn during the Venetian carnival.

sl14b spellbound_030


Then on to “The Love of Prims Funhouse”.sl14b spellbound_019  The funhouse contains displays of different ways of manipulating (torturing) prims,

sl14b spellbound_023which are the base of builds in SL.

sl14b spellbound_068I then took a break for a snack and a rest at the “Cheeky Tiramisu Café”. I love tiramisu and this little plot was a lovely place to rest my pixels and refresh myself.

sl14b spellbound_054A completely different kind of build was my next stop, “Transylvania’s Vampyre Empire”. Role playing is a big part of SL for many residents and many enjoy exploring this darker side. This build is very evocative, with dark skies, an ancient looking clocktower and bats flying around.

sl14b spellbound_046

After this I went on “Torgon’s Ride”, a futuristic looking roller coaster.

sl14b spellbound_078


And I ended my day relaxing at the Islands of New England. I may even have caught twenty winks!


SL12B – Overwhelming!

SL12B was scheduled to close June 28, but the builds continue to be open until July 4. I think performances have finished. As usual, for any information on SL12B, go to their website here.

SL Aviation Community

SL Aviation Community

Many of the dreams you find represented in SL12B are related to transportation; I found plots related to flying and motorcycles, and there are probably others I have not yet discovered.

Might be my dream but everyone else's nightmare!

Might be my dream but everyone else’s nightmare!

The SL Aviation community is at SL12B as well as another flying group I had never heard of, Passengers of SL,

Inside the plane you can watch videos of flying in SL

Inside the plane you can watch videos of flying in SL

for those who wish to be flown, an interesting idea. For more information check here. Avatars who prefer to remain on the ground might find the motorcycle repair shop at “Freedom of the Road” more to their taste.

Freedom of the Road

Freedom of the Road

Inside the shop are posters linking to groups, events and places of interest to bikers in SL.

Surfers of SL

Surfers of SL

And although not precisely a form of transportation, there was a plot for the Surfers of SL.

1920s Berlin at SL12B

1920s Berlin at SL12B

Role playing is found throughout SL and there are quite a few groups in SL12B. The well known 1920’s Berlin by Jo Yardley has a very atmospheric display.

Aqualonde Castle

Aqualonde Castle

Another group called Aqualonde, invites the visitor to “enter the magic of a fantasy realm inspired by Tolkien” at a beautiful castle build.
Some exhibitors have created what I will describe as “artistic dream” plots. SL is a wonderful place to explore your artistic side, whether you came in as an artist or decided to give creative activities a try once you entered SL.

Wonder what the cat's dreams are?

Wonder what the cat’s dreams are?

One site is “Flying Dreams” ; a dome shaped building where you find yourself surrounded by flight-related artworks created by Grazietta Cazenove.

Dream or Nightmare?

Dream or Nightmare?

The second plot, “Dreaming” by Caro Fayray was like entering a surrealist dream

sl12b enchant dreaming by Caro  Fayray misty

(I guess you could argue all dreams are surrealistic).
sl12b metaphore_003

“Metaphore by Tutsy Navarathna”, a build by Harper Beresford, allows you to view a video “Metaphore”, which was the winner of the University of Western Australia 2014 MachinUWA VII award. It explores the “duplicity of nature and the nature of duplicity” and is based on a true story. It is definitely worth watching and I think all citizens of SL can relate to it in different ways.
sl12b sober journey_001

There are also informative or educational sites. I returned to the Astound sim, which I wrote about a couple of posts ago because I discovered another exhibitor I found to be of interest – Recovery Journey’s Sober Life by Nightbar Jewell. It has information on Alcoholic’s Anonymous, plus links, and from what I understand there are meetings in SL.

Whole Brain Health

Whole Brain Health

Another  educational build is “Whole Brain Health” which is packed with all sorts of information on how to maintain a healthy brain.

Happy Hunting - the hunts of SL

Happy Hunting – the hunts of SL

Also informative, in a different kind of way, is the “Happy Hunting” plot, about hunts that can be found around SL. “Happy Hunting” is also a TreetTV show.



And lastly there are “inspirational” builds such as “Wisdomality” by Yman Juran.

Light of Love

Light of Love

The names of the different sims reflect the experiences to be had : wonderous, astound, enchant, electrify, impressive, spectacular, stupendous, but for me the word that really encapsulates how I feel is overwhelmed.  There is so much creativity and energy to be found throughout SL.