SL14B Art Parcels

sl14b artist parcels_027 (2)

A figure in Tornado to Oz

SL14B is drawing to a close and there is still so much left to explore. I visited the area called “Art Parcels” and had a lot of fun taking pictures and interacting with the exciting creations.  The first plot I visited is called “Tornado to Oz”. A group of mysterious figures, stand in a pool of water. Rising up above them is a mist or cloud, I guess the tornado, and a face can be seen through the water. It is lovely and haunting, you catch a glimpse of another face in the tornado behind the figures, but sometimes it is hard to see.

sl14b artist parcels_009


Next, I went to a very colourful display, TJ’s Mediamagic, which has a carnival like atmosphere. There is a separate enclosed space in the middle which contains a tv set playing 6 different channels. Depending on the channel you choose, you can see different patterns on the wall, like patterns created by lasers. The builder, Thoth Jantzen created this I spent quite a bit of time watching the different patterns and photographing them.

sl14b artist parcels_122

TJ’s Mediamagic

sl14b artist parcels_061

sl14b artist parcels_079

sl14b artist parcels_078

Enter a caption

sl14b artist parcels_066

sl14b artist parcels_084

The final build  I visited is called Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, which contained greyish figures, some mesh-like, some solid and some who appeared to be coming unravelled. There were also very large shoes and hats scattered around. Very striking.

sl14b artist parcels_101

sl14b artist parcels_104

sl14b artist parcels_105

sl14b artist parcels_115


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