SL14B – Inside Art

sl14b inside art_082

I had a lot of fun with one of the displays at SL14B today. The build was created by Ginger Lorakeet and is called “Inside Art”. It is in the Spectacular region, but I missed it in my first go-round so thought I would post about it now. Essentially it is made up of boxes containing pictures, but you can enter into the picture (there are poses embedded in the works) and become part of it.  If you wish to give it a try, click here for the lm.

sl14b inside art_119

Here you can see the picture as it appears in the build

sl14b inside art_034

Visiting with the fam on Sunday afternoon

sl14b inside art_042 (2)

Quiet game of chess in the library

sl14b inside art_075

Alien Games – Totem Tennis

sl14b inside art_109

Lil’ Blue Hot Rod

sl14b inside art_108

Think I’m in trouble

sl14b inside art_010 (2)

Something’s following me!

sl14b inside art_071 (2)

Farm Life

sl14b inside art_055

Cyber Rain


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