SL14B Beguile and Electrify

SL14b Beguiled_068

The Doge’s Carnival

I returned to the Beguile region later on to continue looking around. I found quite a few of the builds to be on the surreal side, particularly

SL14b Beguiled_036

The Dragon is Born from Chaos

The Dragon is Born from Chaos,


SL14b Beguiled_044

The Spirits of Egregore

The Spirits of Egregore, and SL14B – The Doge’s Ball. All were very striking. But there are also a number of displays that are quite the opposite, including the Virtual Railway Consortium, the University of Arizona’s Cibola Classroom,  Caledon Oxbridge – Colors, Shapes and Patterns, Street Faire on Project Hope and even Roleplay in Second Life.

SL14b Beguiled_048

Having a quiet moment at the Virtual Railway Consortium building

After visiting The Dragon is Born from Chaos, which as I said is quite surreal, I stopped by the Virtual Railway Consortium to learn a bit about the trains in second life, and relax for a little while.

SL14b Beguiled_058

Checking out some diagrams

I had some refreshments and checked out some of their plans before continuing on. Boye and I have frequently gone on little voyages on some of the trains in Second Life and it is a very interesting and pleasant way of seeing the world, so I was pleased to find something train related at SL14B.

I dropped by Caledon Oxbridge, where you can learn about building,

SL14b Beguiled_081

Cibola Classroom

and the University of Arizona’s Cibola Classroom, which represents a center for studying Spanish and Portuguese language and culture.

SL14b Beguiled_105

Bauhaus Carnival – note I am dancing in wedges, not easy

I then visited the Bauhaus Carnival, an homage to Bauhaus designer Oskar Schlemmer and his Triadisches Ballet.

sl14b electrify_125

Rockliffe University’s The Masque of Literacy”

And after that I discovered Rockliffe University’s “The Masque of Literacy”, which is actually a 3 dimensional logic puzzle. I was hooked by this. 6 characters appear on a stage set, you click on them and they give you clues which you then use to unlock the prize. I must say that I spent some very enjoyable time trying to figure this out and I am extremely pleased to say that I was successful! If you love puzzles, this is the place for you.

As with the other regions, there is lots to see in Beguile and you can find a listing along with lms here.

My next region was Electrify. Many of the builds in electrify are related to communications: the SLNewser Pyramid, Happy Hunting TV show, Newspaper Factory . Others are sports and activities related: Amusementology, SL Surfing Association, Second Life Coastguard “Serious Fun” Show, Giant Snail Races, to name a few. And there were more arts related plots, too: A Spiral Mask, The Globe of Shakespeare, Hybridisation.

sl14b electrify_003

Friendly Dolphin

The first place I went in Electrify was to the SL Surfing Association display, where I had a lot of fun swimming with a dolphin,

sl14b electrify_010


trying to surf and just lazing around.

sl14b electrify_022

This is the life!

Once I was well rested I visited A Spiral Mask, very colourful and the generous creator gave some lovely face makeup as gifts.

sl14b electrify_026

A Spiral Masque

sl14b electrify_039

Face paint tattoo available at A Spiral Masque

Not too far away I was happy to discover the Giant Snail Races build.

sl14b electrify_044

Giant Snail Race Celebration with Cake Stage in the background. How SL!

I don’t think there is anything that says SL to me more than the giant snail races, so I was delighted to see them there.

sl14b electrify_093

The Globe Theater

I went to the Globe Theater and tried answering some questions on Shakespeare, not terribly successfully, I am sorry to say.

sl14b electrify_091

My debut as Juliet

sl14b electrify_092

View of the stage

But it was interesting trying to answer and the theater itself is beautiful.

sl14b electrify_105

View of “Hybridisation”

And finally I found a space that is called “Hybridisation”. In the center is a large, colourful double helix, and around it are 4 more helices.

sl14b electrify_113

Looking down through the double helix

The colours and patterns are constantly changing and the visitor is invited to cam around, thereby getting constantly changing combinations of patterns and colours. I spent quite a bit of time camming around and taking photographs.

sl14b electrify_074

Close-up of one of the helices

This is just a taste of what may be found in the Electrify region. For a complete list including lms click here.



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